So you have spent the money and time to drive the traffic to your website, but what happens once your customers get there? 

Getting the traffic there is the first step, but if they don’t covert, it was all for nothing. Building a high conversion website is key to bringing in the $$ and saving you the effort. 

Here are my top 4 tweaks to improve your website to convert your dream clients. 

1. Add Social Proof

Testimonials reduce the risk for the consumer and builds a sense of community for your customers. Providing social proof puts your potential clients at ease and in some cases improves your conversion by 400%. 

Social proof can include testimonials, case studies, portfolios, reviews, data, and numbers or icons like other businesses logos you work directly with. 

2. Clear Call to Actions (CTA)

Purchasing or contacting you to make a sale should be as easy and clear as possible. The easier the initial step, the more likely to be completed. Strong CTA’s should be on every page, with the content leading into it each time. 

Using a button or contact form is always the best, avoid using only links as this can be easily missed. 

3. Short Inquiry Forms

Ask for as little information as possible. Again this comes down to the ease factor. Remove all form fields not essential to the end goal and you may see a growth of inquiries up to 10% per each form field removed. 

4.  Mobile Friendliness

Mobile phones are said to take up 51% of traffic, but honestly, in some client’s websites, we have seen the stats sit as high as 80%. 

This means if your website is difficult to navigate on a mobile phone, you will see a huge loss in inquiries. 

Make sure to test on ALL mobile devices not just the one in your hand. 


Here are some simple tweaks that can improve your conversions rates exponentially. Saving you the time while increasing your return on investment.

⁠I am searching for 3 rural/regional based businesses who are wanting to take their marketing seriously and build a dream client-attracting (and converting) website and sales funnel.