Here’s some inspiration...

But remember that no one is quite like you.

Here’s some inspiration...

But remember that no one is quite like you.

It’s natural to try to search for a project from my book that looks similar to yours, but I purposefully don’t share all my work here for that exact reason.

Here’s what you should do instead: Consider this proof that I know what I’m doing with WordPress and UX website design, but don’t let yourself get stuck thinking that you need to find an example that looks like you because no one does.

Rather than choosing a specific industry to serve watered down options, I create custom solutions for every client who chooses me.


And I won’t say yes to you if I’m not positive I can do it.

My Bookkeeping Coach

Key feature: Targeted design and intentional flow

Kim wanted to build a place to show off her new program, My Bookkeeping Club, but also keep business flowing to her consulting offers. She was one of the rare clients who didn’t already have a website, so the final product feels so much sweeter knowing that this is going to help Kim continue her growth.

Within an hour of launching, Kim had her first booking come through her brand new website. Clearly the goal of reaching her target market is working already! Fun bonus: Leads have complimented how easy it is to navigate through the website. We really focused on the overall flow for them to make this happen because user experience is proven to increase conversions.

The result? Kim has the website of her dreams, and her leads absolutely love how easy it is to get on her calendar.

“Working with Em is just so easy. Nothing is too much trouble. Everything is completed promptly at a very high standard and with great communication. And Em is a lovely person who genuinely cares. I highly recommend her services. Thanks Em!”

The Organiser & More

Key feature: Fun and unique animated elements

Lee makes things fun for her clients, so her website needed to reflect her personality. There’s more animation here. Quirky design choices—check out the main navigation and free offer countdown.

Aside from building out the website itself, Lee took full advantage of the consultative part of our time together. She refined and streamlined her services, created new packages, organised her onboarding processes, and automated within Dubsado with my direction.

The result? New clients booked and great feedback immediately after launching.

“The amazing Em helped me launch my new website! She’s the magician behind bringing the concept I lobbed to her to life. She is fabulous to work with, was able to explain the ins and outs of what I needed to do so well, and the actual process of working with her was seamless. She has everything set up so well with her onboarding and client flow. You will not regret booking her if you are looking to have a website created for your business!”

Edgy Fit Co.

Key feature: Streamlined booking and payment system

Kari owns Edgy Fit, a gym based in Provost Alberta. She’s amazing at what she does for her clients, but was run off her feet trying to juggle all the back-end work of her business. Because all of her bookings and payments were manual, she was often chasing clients for missed payments and overall wasted too much time on administrative work.

We worked together to not only design a website that appeals to her target audience visually by incorporating strong but feminine touches, but also allows clients to easily book and pay through an automated system. We even found a less popular CRM and payment system that many might have overlooked because it’s not the go-to for her industry. This decision alone saves her a lot in annual fees (along with time, of course).

The result? Kari has more freedom in her business, and her website is set up for future growth.

“She is so awesome! So much more than web designing. I feel like I have gotten business coaching and amazing advice on marketing my services and promotions. I could go on for paragraphs about how wonderful working with Em has been. I look forward to continuing having Em evolve not only my website but streamlining by business into systems” 

Benita Bensch

Key feature: Marketing strategy consulting

Benita is a multi-talented entrepreneur who appreciates transparency, strategy, and fast solutions that don’t sacrifice quality. We’ve worked together on multiple projects, including an ongoing maintenance plan for her personal brand and an additional family business.

The result that you can see here is a sales page for her ebook launch, but the biggest takeaway from our work together is that she knows she can count on me as a sounding board and consultant for her overall marketing strategy.

The result? Benita makes business decisions confidently with support she can trust.

“Working with Em is just so easy. Nothing is too much trouble. Everything is completed promptly at a very high standard and with great communication. And Em is a lovely person who genuinely cares. I highly recommend her services. Thanks Em!”

EFIT Lifestyle Coaching

Key feature: Boosted confidence from a new digital presence

Kari first came to me for her EFIT Lifestyle Coaching business. After struggling with just her social media presence on her own, she knew that she desperately needed a website to act as that single spot to send all of her traffic to. When Kari first came to me for EFIT, she also felt lost with how to show up online. On top of learning how to do this, her brick and mortar gym was shut down through pandemic restrictions. There was a lot of stress to deal with!

The first priority was creating a website that was not only pretty, but functional. Through our work together, Kari also gained confidence showing up with her elevated brand presence on social media, which helped her better connect with people all across Canada rather than just those who know her locally.

The result? Kari confidently sends leads to her new functional website to learn about her offers.

“I liked that if there was something I wanted to see on the website, you would find a way to make it happen. You got rid of my pains… You helped me find my weaknesses… You make me feel really confident in what I do, and I feel like I’ve grown so much since then.” 

Frontiersmen Gear

Key feature: UX lead capture form for an e-commerce website

Tanner’s last website didn’t function well. He built it himself on Wordpress, but it didn’t feel professional next to the quality products and services he provides.

A large portion of his revenue comes from custom built knives, which were his biggest challenge was the time wasted collecting order specs. Before this process required multiple back-and-forth messages and phone calls trying to get all the details lined up. Now, his customers easily work their way through his custom order form, which even includes example images of the different styles and materials, and the final notes land on his desk. He calls to offer a quote and close the deal.

The result? Tanner’s booked an entire year in advance.

“Emma brought my dreams to life! Em built me a website that blew my old self made one out of the water. From the start, she covered exactly how the process would go and made sure I was happy at every stage. I can’t say enough good about the service and the end product. Thank you!”