Like us, our websites need regular health check-ups. This helps it run smoothly and efficiently without any hiccups. Today I have listed my top tips on how you can do your own health check-up on your website.

Visual Inspection

Look for these things:

  • Broken links
    Check over all the links on your website and make sure they are relevant and working.

  • Missing content
    Have a look over your content to see if anything is lacking. It’s a great time to check over for grammar mistakes as well.

  • Broken pages
    There is nothing worse than a broken page! To ensure this isn’t happening check over your website and rectify any pages that are broken.

  • Code on the page
    Sometimes our codes can appear on our website due to a broken link.

  • Grammar and Content
    There is nothing more cringe-worthy than seeing spelling and grammar mistakes on a website. Read over your content, see if anything needs rewriting, and fix up any mistakes (because they can slip through).

  • Branding
    Are you using your brand colors, fonts, and style? Keep everything to your brand’s style to instill this into your clients.

  • Clear navigation
    When visitors come to your website they want to find what they are looking for with minimal clicks or scrolling. Have a look over your website to see if there is anywhere that you can reduce the number of clicks. Your menu is key to great navigation.

Test site speed

Every second counts! By doing regular tests not only will it give you a good idea of how your site is performing, it will also give you several recommendations to increase your site speed. Test in the country closest to your customers. Check out the free tool here. 

Run a website report

Running a website report can give you great analytics. To understand your sites behavior’s and seeing areas that require improvement.
Use this Chrome extension to run your own report.  

Mobile friendly

Is your website mobile friendly? Most of your visitors will be visiting your website via their mobile. So it’s important to ensure everything is working and designed for any screen size. 

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