The Biggest Secrets to Building a Money-Making Sales Page

Are your leads dropping off when they reach your sales page? Spending the time and energy to bring in traffic doesn’t mean much if that traffic is not converting into sales.  I have created my top tips for building a high converting sales page that you can implement today.  Know your audience Before you can […]

5 Things You Should Know About Hiring A Web Designer

You are reading this post because well, we can all agree, outsourcing large tasks in our businesses is scary. I have been there. Stretched thin, handling clients, lead inquiries, keeping up with house chores, and dealing with your mental sanity. Throw in 60+ hours of website build. No THANK YOU. What is scarier than late […]

How to Do a Health Check on Your Website

Like us, our websites need regular health check-ups. This helps it run smoothly and efficiently without any hiccups. Today I have listed my top tips on how you can do your own health check-up on your website. Visual Inspection Look for these things: Broken linksCheck over all the links on your website and make sure […]

The Biggest Mistakes Everyone Makes on a DIY Website

After spending hours reviewing and auditing DIY (do it yourself) websites, I was coming to find very similar patterns across the board. Simple mistakes, that can easily be avoided, but are costing these businesses their annual revenue. Today I am going to share my top 5 mistakes everyone makes on a DIY website. Using the […]

Small Tweaks To Boost Your Website Conversion

So you have spent the money and time to drive the traffic to your website, but what happens once your customers get there?  Getting the traffic there is the first step, but if they don’t covert, it was all for nothing. Building a high conversion website is key to bringing in the $$ and saving […]

4 Habits That Has Made My Business Successful

Setting habits has been the hardest, but definitely the most profitable piece of my business.  There is no such thing as an overnight success. Finding success in your business is a long-term game and your habits lead a huge roll in your outcome.  Let me fill you in on the top four habits I set […]

4 Steps I Took In My Business That Doubled My Income

Last month, I felt like I had hit the sweet spot in my business, and I managed to double my revenue. My business finally felt like it was working for me and not the other way around.  Now I know, talking about $$ can be scary and a touchy subject. I am not mentioning my […]

The Biggest Mistake You *Might* Be Making While Marketing Online

I always get asked the question, is social media the only thing I need to sustain my marketing online? Is the rest really all that necessary? Yes and no.  Yes if you are in the initial months of your business. Making the leap into your new biz is hard and often times transitioning into other […]

The #1 Question I Get Asked: Why Do I Use WordPress?

If you have been thinking about a website (or have one built already) you probably have thought about which platform to use.  Another fellow business owner says she uses Squarespace your neighbor may tell you Wix. Now you are confused! We are extremely blessed as entrepreneurs to have so many options to choose from, but […]

Here’s My Exact Guide to Sales Funnels

The word ‘Sales Funnel’ sounds so ‘salesy’ and ‘techy’ but the honest truth is your business probably already has one. Every business has a sales funnel.  A sales funnel is simply the path your customer takes from prospect to lead to client.  An example of a sales funnel can be: Start with driving traffic to […]