Are your leads dropping off when they reach your sales page? Spending the time and energy to bring in traffic doesn’t mean much if that traffic is not converting into sales. 

I have created my top tips for building a high converting sales page that you can implement today. 

Know your audience

Before you can start converting your audience, you need to know them.

What do they like? Don’t like? What is their life story? Create an avatar for your ideal client to help with creating a sales page that connects.

Talk to your audiences wants and needs

After you’ve created your ideal avatar it’s time to talk to them through your copy. Speak to their wants, needs, and desires. This helps with generating a connection point between you and your audience.

Be human and know your unique voice

Sounds simple, right? You will be surprised at how many sales pages get this wrong and sound like a robot. Resulting in their audience running for the hills.

Speak to your audience as you would in person and create connection points. Using your unique voice goes back to writing how you would normally speak. What is your writing style?

Powerful opening statement

The opening statement determines whether your reader will stick around. It’s essential to draw your customers in and keep them there. E.g. Do you feel like / ever feel like [pain point]?

Present the problem

Clearly describe the problem and pain that you solve for your customers. E.g. Does this sound familiar? Tap into your avatar and speak to your audience.

Talk about the solution

Create a vision for your customer, on how they will feel once they have reached the solution. Tap into the emotions that they will feel. E.g. What would change for you if you could [desired outcome]?

Introduce your product and be clear

There is nothing worse than visiting a sales page and not understanding what exactly they are offering. Be clear with what you are offering, don’t over complicate it through too many words. Keep it simple, clear, and engaging.

Social proof

We love reading testimonials, it gives us that social proof that we need to say ‘yes’. Reach out to your past clients for reviews on their experience.

Create a call to actions that result in a ‘yes’

Call to actions are key to converting your clients. It’s the perfect time to remind them why there is no better time than now to achieve the desired result.


You now have the key steps on how to create a sales page that converts. Curious what it looks like to have me on your team?