Things are pretty laid back around here.

I’ve designed a business that fits my life—and days at the beach.

Things are pretty laid back around here.

I’ve designed a business that fits my life—and days at the beach.

You could ride this wave too.

→ If you absolutely dread sending your website to potential customers right now because you hate how it looks…

→ If you waste a ton of time on day-to-day admin tasks like onboarding new clients…

→ And if you’re dreaming for a simple solution to that marketing headache you can’t figure out…

Just know that there’s always an answer, and we’ll create it together. When we’re finished, you’ll feel at ease. calm and cool. confident in your business.

Hey, I’m Em!

I tore up my acceptance letter to business school and moved to Australia because the fun thing about my life is that I’ve always looked at it like I do my work…

The goal is to design something that feels good.

So this Canadian prairie girl left everything behind to find something more me—a box with an ocean view that fits my style instead of trying to cram my future into someone else’s vision.

What started as a leap year to travel before university led to many more living on the opposite side of the world from the farm I grew up on. Since then, I built a business that aligns with the life I want and I help others do the same.

Let me ask you this…

What’s the point of hustling if you don’t get to sit back and enjoy it?

I’m all about problem solving to find ease. Simplifying the spots where people feel overwhelmed by complexities. Relaxed and warm and loving life on the Sunshine Coast—beachy lunch breaks are the best way to break up a day at my desk.

The ocean waves suit me better than the grassy fields ever did anyways.

You can design what works for you too.

To my fellow business owners who want to increase efficiency, boost sales, and make time to live while working on something big—this is a reminder to you that things don’t have to be so hard.

If it’s hard, there’s probably a better way to look at the problem and through innovative, people-centric thinking, we grow.

So ask yourself this…

Why did you start your business in the first place?

If you’re anything like me, I bet it was equal parts to help people and to help yourself live the life of freedom that you always wanted.

Now, I make my own rules and follow them without sacrificing flow. And when you choose me, I want the same for you. I lead with your best interests in mind. Want to join me?