Last month, I felt like I had hit the sweet spot in my business, and I managed to double my revenue. My business finally felt like it was working for me and not the other way around. 

Now I know, talking about $$ can be scary and a touchy subject. I am not mentioning my income to brag, but to share the steps I took to increase my ROI, so you can implement into your own business. 

Now let me spill the secrets! 

I Built my email list and set up email sequences. 

I recently had someone tell me they heard that email marketing was ‘outdated’ and didn’t work because everyone’s inbox is always full. From my experience (and the stats) this couldn’t be farther from the truth. 

I touched on the topic a bit more in my previous blog post ‘The Biggest Mistake You *Might* Be Making While Marketing Online’ but did you know, that email is the most effective way to market with companies estimating a $38 ROI for every $1 spent?

That is a 3,800% ROI on average. Email marketing has been a great tool for my business to keep in touch with clients and provide value straight to their inbox. 

Tip: Curious about how to set up your own email marketing? The best thing I did was join other entrepreneurs’ email lists to see the type of content and emails they provided their own clients. You can join my email newsletter here.

I got serious about my sales funnel. 

I took steps to make my sales funnel seamless and effortless for my leads to become clients. 

I also incorporated and tested my low-risk and low-cost offers giving my leads a taste of the value I provide my clients. 

Tip: Still haven’t wrapped your head around Sales Funnels? Read ‘Here’s My Exact Guide to Sales Funnels’.

Provided value-driven content and advice that I KNEW my audience wanted.  

Providing value-driven content is split into two steps, and many people forget the first one! 

1. Research what your ideal client actually wants to learn. 

Last month I spent time on market research calls, in my DM’s and Instagram stories asking my followers what they would like to learn or hear about. 

Some of the responses were expected, others changed the way I produce content. It was eye-opening and made a massive difference in the way I show up online. 

2. Providing value before the sell. 

If you have been following me long enough, you know providing value is something I preach in my social channels often. I recently listened to a podcast featuring Tricia Brouk who is a producer at TEDx, and she said they only accepted people who were gifting NOT asking. 

Meaning, they are only looking for people who are talking about an idea worth sharing, not ‘asking’ everyone to invest. 

Now while asking your audience is very important, providing free value is also just as important to your online marketing success. 

I followed up. 

Did know it takes 7 to 13+ touchpoints to make a sale? That statistic seriously blew my mind, but it reminded me to touch-base with clients I hadn’t heard from in a while. 

Some said they had decided to not move forward, while others said they were ready and happy I followed up. 

I recently jumped on a call with another young entrepreneur, and she mentioned that she had clients eager to work with her, but ignore her booking request and completely ghost her for months. 

I said that was great news! That means someone is thinking of you, and will potentially work with you, but right now is not the right time, and that is OK!


These four steps, are something that I have implemented into my business and given me a very profitable ROI. While I saw success from applying the above, please note these things take time. 

There is no such thing as an ‘overnight success’ and every marketing strategy implemented takes time, patience, and commitment.

If I had a look at your online marketing to show you exactly why your current strategy is not attracting (or converting) your ideal client, would you want to chat?