Setting habits has been the hardest, but definitely the most profitable piece of my business. 

There is no such thing as an overnight success. Finding success in your business is a long-term game and your habits lead a huge roll in your outcome. 

Let me fill you in on the top four habits I set for my business that brought me success. 

Know the numbers. 

I have come to learn, that ‘hope’ is not a strategy. Bringing in clients is simply a numbers game. 

Do you honestly know how many people you need to get on a discovery call to book one client? 

Or how many visitors you need on your online store to make one purchase? 

Simply hoping or waiting for people to show up, and/or spending your hard-earned money (and most importantly time) into your social media but not knowing your conversion rates is not a marketing strategy. 

Having gameplans is important, and knowing the numbers is a big part of that. 

Goal setting and journaling. 

I write down my goals once every two days. I have it structured like this: 

Short-term goals, this includes: 

  • 3-month goals 
  • 6-month goals 
  • 1-year goals 

Long-term goals and this includes: 

  • 2-year goals 
  • 5-year goals 
  • 10-year goals.

Journaling and tracking your goals may sound ‘lame’ or a waste of time, but have you heard about this Harvard study around the art of goal setting? 

Their study found that 3% of graduates from their MBA who had their goals written down, ended up earning ten times as much as the other 97% put together. 

Please read that sentence again. It is absolutely crazy the power of having your goals mapped out. 

Never stop learning.

I never stop learning about business or my expertise. Podcasts, Audible, books, online courses, and business coaches. I always have all five of those resources on the go. 

For me to regularily show up on my platform and providing value I need to constantly be learning. To offer the absolutely best service possible for my clients, learning is always a part of my day to day. 

Show up consistently. 

I used to ghost my marketing. I use to spend weeks away, and the results: a massive decline in traffic and new clients. This makes for an extremely unstable income. 

It took me a while to realize, but showing up is (I would argue) the most important habit to set when running a business. 

Even when you feel like no one is watching, they are, they are waiting for you to prove you stick around. Consistency builds trust. 


These four habits I have set up have been a pivotal role in the growth of my business. Knowing the numbers, goal setting, learning, and showing up consistently, have increased my income exponentially. 

For most small businesses, their business is a reflection of them. Habits build stability and a business you can rely on.


If I had a look at your online marketing to show you exactly why your current strategy is not attracting (or converting) your ideal client, would you want to chat?